We’re on This Weight-Loss Journey Together


We are all facing the challenges of the pandemic, or the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. We’ve heard that certain people – those of old age and those facing underlying conditions, are at a high risk of severe infection. Even with the introduction of vaccines, thousands of people are dying daily. In the medical field, prevention is the best way to beat disease. It’s best to handle the problem before it begins. Obesity and being overweight are considered risk factors for severe coronavirus infection, and that has brought the obesity epidemic back into the picture and into the public’s concerns. However, we’ve been dealing with the obesity pandemic for years.

Obesity Epidemic

We have never been able to control the obesity epidemic that is increasing every year. Up to 40% of the American population is obese, and 35% are overweight. The number on a scale is not the problem. The problem is the risk of developing over 200 known diseases due to being overweight or obese. When doctors talk about weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, it’s not only to decrease your weight. We want to treat you so that you can enjoy a life without diabetes or high blood pressure medication, the inability to walk, or back and knee pain.

The Journey to a Healthy Weight

A weight-loss specialist can support you, guide you, and work with you to achieve wellness. The first step is working with your specialist to develop an individualized weight-loss plan. Each body is unique, and no one diet will work for all. Even in the medical field, after all the clinical trials and experiments about weight-loss diets, there has been no single diet better than the others.

Patients often find it hard to relate to their doctors. They might believe that doctors never struggle with their weight or obesity, but I talk to you from firsthand experience. I have personally been on a weight-loss journey, and I can relate to my patients. I like to share different recipes and ideas that have worked to support me in my lifestyle change.

Our weight-loss program at TPMG Peninsula Medical Associates is meant for anyone looking to live healthier and look/feel younger. We provide a comprehensive plan that includes nutrition, physical activity, behavioral health, and weight-loss medications. Above all, I will always focus on healthy food since it can be the path towards healing. I’m here to share ideas about what is out in the market, help you navigate your choices, and help you choose a health plan that works best for you. Let us work with you to defeat this obesity epidemic.

Ebtehal Abdelaal, MD

About Dr. Ebtehal Abdelaal

Ebethal Abdelaal, MD, is a board certified family medicine physician with a focus in weight loss and bariatric medicine. In her clinical practice, she provides care to her patients through preventable health measures and healthy lifestyle guidance. Dr. Abdelaal creates comprehensive plans that include physical activity, nutritional diets, and behavioral health to patients on a weight-loss journey. Her exposure to various cultures has strengthened her ability to collaborate closely with patients and tailor her care to their specific health needs.

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