Are you considering undergoing a vasectomy procedure? Understand all your options when it comes to vasectomies and learn if this form of male birth control is right for you with these blogs, written by our Urology Specialists.

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Have you made the decision that you’ve finished having children? A vasectomy procedure is a safe, effective form of male birth control proven to prevent nearly 100 percent of potential pregnancies. Learn more about how you can receive a vasectomy today. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Vasectomies

Have questions about an upcoming vasectomy procedure? We’ve answered some of our patients’ frequently-asked questions regarding vasectomies. Take a look:

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Once you’ve made the decision to undergo a vasectomy, there are a number of ways you can prepare yourself for your appointment. Click here to learn more about how you can prepare for your procedure:

3 Reasons to Get a Vasectomy (and 3 Reasons Not)

Making the decision to get a vasectomy can be a difficult process, with many factors to consider. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to undergo a vasectomy, here are some factors to consider:

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