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TPMG Williamsburg Urology Offers Procedures through Williamsburg Procedure Suite

TPMG Williamsburg Urology Offers Procedures Through Williamsburg Procedure Suite

March 1, 2023

Williamsburg, Virginia – TPMG Williamsburg Urology offers state-of-the-art minimally invasive urologic procedures at TPMG’s on-site Procedure Suite, cutting down on patient costs and providing greater access and convenience for their patients. TPMG Williamsburg Urology is committed to bringing innovative and cutting-edge technology to patients at a competitive cost. The practice offers Urolift and Rezum for BPH and Botox for overactive bladder, at TPMG’s on-site Procedure Suite.

With TPMG’s on-site Procedure Suite, patients can expect cost savings and an expedited treatment process. Patients can avoid the costly hospital for their outpatient procedures. Our Procedure Suite is in Tidewater Medical Center at New Town, just steps from TPMG Williamsburg Urology’s office. Our urologists, Geoffrey B. Kostiner, MD and Joseph R. Habibi, MD, are Diplomates of the American Board of Urology.

“This location of service traditionally costs much less than an equivalent service performed in a hospital outpatient location,” said Dr. Kostiner.

Services offered through the Procedure Suite include:

  • Urolift and Rezum Therapy for men suffering from voiding issues related to their enlarged prostate
  • Botox injections for men and women, with difficult-to-manage overactive bladder symptoms, 
  • Circumcisions 
  • Vasectomies 
  • Hydrocele repairs
  • Cystoscopy, ureteral dilation, retrograde pyelograms, and ureteral stent placement 
  • Mid urethral sling incision for women whose prior slings are now causing worsening of urinary symptoms

To learn more about TPMG Williamsburg Urology’s service offerings through our Procedure Suite, visit our website at:

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