TPMG is Decorating Bras for Breast Cancer

Did you know that approximately one in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime? Raising awareness is one of the many ways we can encourage women to follow the recommended guidelines for annual mammogram screenings. Screening mammograms are the gold standard for detecting breast cancer and, thus, the first step in reducing the number of deaths from breast cancer.

TPMG is joining the fight against breast cancer and held a Bra decorating contest with their employees to raise awareness for our mammogram services and pay tribute to our breast cancer survivors. Each of our offices across Hampton Roads was challenged to decorate one 38-C bra with a design inspired by the theme of breast cancer prevention. Using feathers, jewels, sequins, and more, TPMG staff used their creativity to embody the spirit and strength of breast cancer survivors in their designs. Want to take a look at their work? TPMG’s Bra Decorating Contest entries are on display at TPMG Imaging and Breast Center in Newport News.

While there is currently no way to prevent breast cancer, our best tool is early detection which leads to better treatment options. Annual screening mammograms are one of the best ways to catch breast cancer before you exhibit signs or symptoms of the disease. Mammograms can detect cancer before a lump can be felt, giving you and your doctor time to treat the disease.

When should I schedule my next mammogram?

The American Cancer Society’s mammogram screening guidelines consider a number of factors including family history and genetic tendency; however, one of the predominant factors is age. Women aged 40 to 44 can begin to consider the choice to start annual mammogram screenings depending on their wishes. Women ages 45 to 54 should get mammograms annually. Women 55 and older can continue screening annually or begin screening every two years should they choose to do so.

How can I schedule my next mammogram?

Mammography services are available at the following TPMG Imaging and Breast Center locations:

Newport News
860 Omni Boulevard, Suite 109
Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: (757) 873-1936

5424 Discovery Park Blvd, Bldg. B Suite 102
Williamsburg, VA 23188
Phone: (757) 707-3510

2205 Executive Drive, Suite B
Hampton, VA 23666
Phone: (757) 504-1170

Call to schedule an appointment today or if you are an established TPMG patient, you can schedule your screening mammogram through the Patient Portal!

One yearly, screening mammogram is covered 100% by all insurances starting at age 40.

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