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TPMG Coastal Endocrinology is Awarded AIUM Ultrasound Practice Accreditation

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April 28, 2023

Virginia Beach, Virginia ­–TPMG Coastal Endocrinology is proud to announce its recent AIUM Ultrasound Practice Accreditation this spring.

“At TPMG Coastal Endocrinology, we are committed to providing excellent clinical service for all our patients. We are grateful to again receive AIUM accreditation. Their approval affirms the quality and consistency of our thyroid and parathyroid ultrasounds and biopsies,” said Timothy C. Petersen, MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU of TPMG Coastal Endocrinology in Virginia Beach.

Awarded by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, an AIUM accreditation is a voluntary peer review process that signifies a medical practice has demonstrated clinical excellence and exceeds the nationally recognized standards for performance and interpretation of diagnostic ultrasound examinations. Practices that seek accreditation undergo a rigorous peer review process to ensure they provide high-quality scans, standardize their reporting protocols, and continually improve ultrasound practice. All facets of the practice were assessed, including the training and qualifications of physicians and sonographers; ultrasound equipment maintenance; documentation; storage, and record-keeping practices; policies and procedures to protect patients and staff; quality assurance methods; and the thoroughness, technical quality, and interpretation of the sonograms the practice performs.

“AIUM accreditation helps our patients with thyroid disorders. Imaging of the thyroid gland helps in identifying and monitoring of thyroid nodules and cancer, aids in thyroid biopsy (ultrasound guided), and helps us better understand their thyroid condition,” said Medha Joshi, MD, FACP of TPMG Coastal Endocrinology.

TPMG Coastal Endocrinology’s AIUM accreditation is one more way TPMG is fulfilling its commitment to excellence at all levels of the organization. To learn more about TPMG Coastal Endocrinology, click here:

About the AlUM

The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine is a multidisciplinary medical association of more than 8,000 physicians, sonographers, and scientists dedicated to advancing the safe and effective use of ultrasound in medicine through professional and public education, research, development of guidelines, and accreditation.

Participation in the AlUM’s Ultrasound Practice Accreditation program is available to practices in the following areas of ultrasound: Abdominal/General, Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound, Breast, Standard Obstetric (or Trimester-Specific Standard Obstetric), 2nd Trimester Detailed OB, 1st Trimester Detailed OB, Limited OB for Advanced Clinical Providers, Female Pelvic Floor (Urogynecology), Musculoskeletal (Diagnostic and/or Ultrasound-guided Interventional Procedures), Fetal Echocardiography, Gynecologic or REI (with or without 3D), Point-of-Care, Thyroid, Parathyroid, & Neck, Urologic, and Ultrasound-guided Regional Anesthesia. For more information, visit

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