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As a medically-based fitness center, our mission is to exceed expectations and restore an individual to optimum performance and function in every aspect of their lives.

TPMG Strive Fitness & Sports Performance was first introduced to TPMG to complete the circle of care by our physicians in 2009 through incorporating fitness and wellness as another specialty service. A coordinated care team that looks at every aspect of a patient’s health and wellness. Whether you are looking to seek injury recovery or prevention, athletic development, and weight management, or overall wellness, our team is ready to help guide you in your journey.

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From Online Fitness/Wellness Coaching to in-person, one-on-one training sessions, as well as Group Fitness Classes, including Bootcamp and Silver Power Hour (Senior Workouts) our trained professionals will help you achieve greater health and fitness, all while in a comfortable environment.

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Do you struggle to stay committed to your health program?

TPMG Strive Fitness & Sports Performance is excited to launch a NEW Online Fitness Class with Coaching!

Our Online Fitness Classes will help you achieve your health and wellness goals with built-in accountability.

  • 4 individualized online coaching sessions with the trainer
  • Access to online workouts for independent training
  • A tailored health program to fit your fitness and wellness goals

*No referral needed*

Not sure where to start and need someone to guide you?

TPMG Strive Fitness & Sports Performance offers medically-based, one-on-one personal training sessions with Certified Personal Trainers.

*No referral needed*

Prior to one on one session, new clients will receive a functional assessment to give our trainers a better understanding of where to begin and provide carefully-calculated regimens based on your personal goals, fitness level, and strengths.  This will give trainers a road map of where clients are to start their training and the best way to progress in their goals. These assessments include a body scan to see body composition. New client assessments are $75.

After the assessment, you’ll be ready for your first session!

Purchase session packages and get reduced pricing.

Training sessions are focused on full-body workouts, including a warm-up, prehab exercises to address old injuries and/or preventing new ones, core and balance exercises, cardio, and then strength training. All sessions are completed with full cool-down stretches. Our certified personal trainers have experienced backgrounds in medical fitness programs and can modify all training sessions to accommodate a variety of medical and orthopedic conditions.

We at Strive meet you where you are and will help guide you to where you want to be!

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Want to join a fun and encouraging fitness community?

Group fitness classes can be intimidating, but not at STRIVE! We offer group fitness classes designed for all fitness levels and ages, including our Bootcamp (5 days a week) and Silver Power Hour (senior workouts) every Tuesday.

In our group exercise classes, every client will enjoy:

  • A challenging, goal-oriented environment
  • One-on-one attention
  • A power-packed, one-hour-long class that includes cardio, strength training, agility, core, and more…
  • Modified exercises for ALL fitness levels
  • Motivation and encouragement through creative, fun, but challenging programs.

TPMG Strive Fitness & Sports Performance

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