Patient Information

For questions regarding your personal medical care, prescription refills or to schedule an appointment, please contact your provider’s office directly, or send an email inquiry through Patient Portal.  For information pertaining to Patient Portal, please see below.  

Your personal and confidential health information is not maintained by the Webmaster. Please refrain from sending such requests or inquiries through “Contact Us”.

Medical Inquiries and Refills

We encourage you to communicate with your provider’s office directly by calling the office or through the Patient Portal regarding any personal and confidential medical inquiries, refills, scheduling of appointments, test results, etc.  For access and information pertaining to the TPMG Patient Portal, please see below.

Note:  Your personal and confidential health information is not maintained by the Webmaster.  We recommend that all medical inquiries are sent to your provider’s office through Patient Portal.  For information pertaining to the Patient Portal, please see below.

Patient Portal

One of the best ways to communicate with your provider, receive test results, and request in-person and telemedicine appointments, all from your home, is with a Patient Portal.

In May 2020, TPMG moved to a new Patient Portal. If you utilized the TPMG Patient Portal prior to May 2020, hosted by NextMD, and have not yet registered for our new Patient Portal, hosted by InteliChart, please contact your health care provider’s office to request a registration PIN.

While the previous Patient Portal will still be accessible to retrieve your past lab results or messages, you will not be able to communicate with your TPMG provider through that Patient Portal. If you have any questions about registering for the new Patient Portal, contact your health care provider’s office.

Patient Portal Features

The Patient Portal has multiple features and benefits to help you manage your health all from the comfort of your own home or on the go with the InteliChart Patient Portal mobile app.

    • view your electronic health record notes and test results,
    • request refills of medication,
    • request appointments, and
    • communicate with your provider and his/her staff

Registering for the Patient Portal

Registering for the portal is quick, easy and secure. Registration can be completed at your health care provider’s office or online through self-registration at

To self-register, obtain a registration PIN by contacting your health care providers’ office. Your PIN will be sent via your preferred method of communication, either email or text message.

Self-Registration Instructions

Patient Portal Mobile App

InteliChart Mobile App Download Guide

Patient Portal Communications

When you visit Patient Portal or send emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically.  By registering for the Patient Portal, you consent to receive communications from us electronically.  We will communicate with you by email or by posting notices on the Patient Portal, such as upcoming appointment reminders, notifications when statements have been posted to your account or when new information such as notes and/or test results are made available to you to view through the Portal.

We encourage our patients to take advantage of Patient Portal.  Contact your provider’s office to register today!

Cancellations ⋅ Rescheduling ⋅ Missed Appointments

We kindly request any cancellations or rescheduling of appointments be made in advance in order for us to accommodate another patient in your appointment time.  This enables us to quickly place patients who need to see a physician when there is a time that opens up on the schedule.

TPMG offices reserve the right to charge a fee to patients who miss an appointment, procedure and/or scheduled surgery.  Fees may vary; therefore, we recommend that you ask your physician’s office for information regarding their policy pertaining to missed appointments.  Fees for missed appointments are not covered by insurance companies and are the responsibility of the patient.  Failure to pay any fees may result in the patient’s account being transferred to an outside collection agency.  Please contact the office when you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid any fees.

We understand there may be times when circumstances beyond your control arise and you must miss an appointment; therefore, we highly recommend contacting the office if you cannot make your scheduled appointment, or as soon as possible after you miss an appointment. Patients who consistently fail to show for scheduled appointments may be terminated from receiving care from the office, or from TPMG as a group.

Please note that while each TPMG office makes every effort to accommodate requested appointment times, circumstances may exist where this request may not be met.  Some offices may have a large volume of patients scheduled or a limited number of physicians on duty at the time; however, after triaging your healthcare needs, we will provide you with an appointment in the appropriate time period, or present you with options for your care, such as seeing another physician, advanced practice clinician or, depending on the urgency of your situation, referring you to After Hours Care Clinic, Urgent Care or Emergency Care.

It is our mission to provide superior healthcare to our patients.  We understand that there are times when physicians are running behind on seeing patients.  Every effort is made to accommodate the needs of our patients, and physicians are focused on assessing, diagnosing and providing the necessary treatment while in the exam room.  They are not focused on time, but rather ensuring the patient in front of them is receiving the necessary care needed at the time.  Each patient is given the attention and time necessary for providing the care that is needed based on the assessment and diagnosis. This time may be a few minutes or may take longer than the scheduled time.  Each person that presents to us for care has a different need.  We appreciate your patience and know that when you have a healthcare issue that requires more attention, we are here for you.  Thank you for choosing TPMG!

Customer Service/Patient Advocate

TPMG strives to provide the best quality patient care; however, there are times when concerns need to be brought to our attention.

If you have a concern about any TPMG office or staff member, please contact the office manager at that location first.  Our office managers are available to assist you with issues that you may have regarding their office and/or service.  Please give them the opportunity to correctly address any of your concerns. 

If you need additional assistance with your concern, please email our patient advocate at [email protected], or call  (757) 232-8855.

We appreciate the time you have taken to reach out to us so that we may make every effort in improving the quality of care that TPMG patients have come to trust and expect.


Online Bill Pay and Billing Inquiries

If you would like to make a payment online, you may do so by clicking on the “Pay Your Bill” icon that appears on our Homepage.  Your account number is shown on your billing statement and is information needed in order to make an online payment.  To receive a receipt, please “Always Allow” pop-ups on our secure payment page.  If you do not allow pop-ups, you will not be able to print a receipt of your payment for your records.

Payments can also be made by contacting our TPMG Central Billing Office at (757) 232-8777, and a representative will process your payment over the phone.  Additionally, you may mail in your payment, or make a payment at any of our TPMG office locations.  All TPMG offices are available to receive payments for services that were performed at another TPMG office.

Billing statements will show all TPMG offices where services were rendered during that billing cycle consolidated on one statement, and only one statement will be mailed to the patient.  If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact the TPMG Central Billing Office and speak with one of our representatives.

At times, your payment may cross paths with our billing statement in the mail.  This will result in a bill that may have already been paid.  If you feel that this has happened, and you have already made your payment, please contact our billing office and one of our representatives will review your account to confirm that payment has been received and posted to your account.  Our representative will let you know if you should disregard the billing statement.

Additionally, payments made are always applied towards any outstanding balance with TPMG.  If you are making a payment towards your current visit (copay, etc.), and you have an outstanding balance at any TPMG office, the amount paid will be applied towards the older balance.

Questions or requests for itemized statements pertaining to your bill or account should be directed to the TPMG Central Billing Office by calling directly (757) 232-8777 for assistance.

Career Opportunities

For career opportunities within TPMG, please click on the Careers tab to view information, requirements and to post your resume.  Please refrain from sending employment inquiries through “Contact Us”.


Solicitations from outside business entities and/or persons through “Contact Us” or through “Patient Advocate” shall not be acknowledged, nor forwarded to any TPMG office or employee by the Webmaster.

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