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Now Offered at TPMG OB/GYN in Newport News

Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) of TPMG OB/GYN in Newport News now offer CenteringPregnancy, a new model prenatal care group that provides an enjoyable and educational experience for expectant mothers.

The group begins every month and includes 10, 2-hour sessions in groups of 6-12, and is held at the Tidewater Medical Center in Newport News. Partners may attend, but no children, please.

Participants up to 28 weeks are eligible to register, and all prenatal appointment dates are provided at registration. Group meeting times and dates vary for each CNM, and patients stay with the same CNM throughout their pregnancy.

At each session, patients meet individually with their CNM for health assessments, followed by group discussions and interactive activities. Topics covered at each meeting include some special interest topics decided on by the group. A free journal is provided and includes educational materials.

A reunion at the conclusion of the group session is held one month after the last birth.

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