Healthy Weight Loss with TPMG Nutrition Services

Are you ready to embark on a healthy weight loss journey?

Getting Started

Choose TPMG Nutrition Services for healthy weight loss counseling. Our registered dietitian nutritionists and certified diabetes educators are trained to partner with you to develop sustainable meal plans that work for your budget and lifestyle.

While there are many factors that can impact your ability to lose weight, a comprehensive nutrition plan is essential for long-lasting results.

Finding the Right Fit

Registered dietitians assess an individual’s unique relationship with food and customize a meal plan that takes into account their cultural background, preferences, and dietary restrictions. There is no universal approach to losing weight in a sustainable and healthy manner. Factors including your age, health condition, level of activity, and more influence your nutritional requirements. For this reason, finding nutrition and weight loss advice online or from friends may not be as effective because they fail to understand your unique circumstances.

Lasting Results

Dietitians also focus on sustainability when it comes to healthy weight loss. Numerous online diet plans may show you how to lose weight quickly, however, if their recommendations aren’t something you can stick with long-term, it’s likely you’ll end up gaining back weight. Instead of extreme, unsustainable dieting, registered dietitians will look for ways to build healthy habits. Consistently making small decisions can often have a greater lasting impact than big choices made infrequently.

Comprehensive Education

Dietitians can also help you distinguish fact from fiction. Misleading information about food is widespread in all areas of our lives from television, social media, advertisers, and even well-meaning friends or family. This misinformation can be dangerous and lead to unhealthy relationships with food and even eating disorders. Food misinformation can often serve as an unnecessary obstacle to those looking to lose weight. Dietitians will work alongside you to dispelling pervasive food myths before it can lead to real harm.

Ditch the Rules

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss doesn’t need to involve rigid rules. Our dietitians will collaborate with you to create opportunities to savor the foods you love while making healthier choices. For many, eating can be a stressful chore but at TPMG, we work to mend your relationship with food.

Am I covered?

Most major insurers cover nutrition counseling services for weight loss. Check with our office to verify your insurance coverage.

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