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Edenvale Hospital Aims for New Procedures

Dr. Steven Hopson from TPMG General Surgery and Hernia Center was part of the team that operated on a patient during the hernia workshop at Edenvale Hospital last week.

Dr. Jann Kruger, the Head of Surgery at the Edenvale Hospital, said the hospital hopes to build a centre that is dedicated to hernia procedures.

“The wish is for Edenvale to have a centre that specialises in all types of hernia procedures. It is important that the public knows of this development. These kinds of procedures are often offered at private hospitals. This is the first public hospital I know of in the Gauteng region that offers this procedure,” said Dr. Kruger.

A hernia occurs when there is a weakness or hole in the muscular wall that usually keeps abdominal organs in place.

Day two of the workshop focused on laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair.

Dr. Kruger said that at the hospital, two days per week will be dedicated to hernia operations.

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