Customer Service / Patient Advocate

If you have a concern about any TPMG office or staff member, please contact the office manager at that location first. Our office managers are trained and available to assist you with issues that you may have regarding their office and/or service. Please give them the opportunity to correctly address any of your concerns.

It’s our goal to give you fast, accurate answers to your questions. Please use the information below. You can also reference our FAQ page for more information:

While the restrictions for masks are being lowered for certain locations, masks are still required to be worn in all healthcare settings, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, and inpatient rehabilitation centers. For the health and safety of our patients and employees, we at TPMG ask that you abide by this regulation and continue wearing a mask inside and outside any of our TPMG facilities, regardless of your vaccination status. 

For more information on the latest COVID-19 updates, and mask regulations, please visit the Virginia Department of Health:

Medical Records:
TPMG has partnered with HealthMark Group to ensure and timely completion of medical and billing record requests.

How? Requests may be submitted electronically to HealthMark’s Request Manager at Once logged in, select “Submit Request” from the menu options and enter all required fields to provide an authorization directly to HealthMark. Your requests will usually take 2-3 days to process. Once processed, a copy of your electronic records can be automatically downloaded from Request Manager. Records requested to be sent hard copy, via USPS, incur postage fees and may take an additional 7 business days to receive. Your medical record request will be processed and a notification will be sent via mail or email once complete and available for download.

Any questions?
Please log in to Request Manager for status updates or to chat with support. If you have any questions, you may contact HealthMark at 800-659-4035 or [email protected]

We reserve the right to charge for copying private health information, as well as for preparing disability forms, insurance applications, and other written documents relating to your diagnosis and treatment. All private health information including x-rays performed at our office remains the property of TPMG.

Pay my bill:
Bill payment is due within 30 days of your appointment. For your convenience, you can pay your TPMG bills online, by mail, over the phone, or at one of our locations. Visit to pay your bill or view your billing options.

Billing Questions:
Contact your provider if you have billing questions. Locate your office information here:

If you have additional questions, please contact the TPMG Central Billing Office at (757) 232-8777 or (877) 271-3810 for further assistance.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call your provider office or visit to learn the proceeding steps for canceling or scheduling an appointment.

Patient Portal:
Your Patient Portal information is managed through your provider’s office. If you have a question about your login information or you can’t access your account, call your provider office for help:

To sign up for the Patient Portal go to:

Employment Verifications:
Employment verifications should be emailed to [email protected] OR faxed to 757-232-8862. We do not accept calls for employment verifications.

Patient Advocate: 
If you need additional assistance with your concern, please email our patient advocate at [email protected], or call (757) 232-8855. Please leave your name, provider/office name, contact information, and reason for the call. One of our Patient Advocate representatives will get back to you shortly.

We appreciate the time you have taken to reach out to us so that we may make every effort in improving the quality of care that TPMG patients have come to trust and expect.

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