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If you have a concern about any TPMG office or staff member, please contact the office manager at that location first. Our office managers are trained and available to assist you with issues that you may have regarding their office and/or service. They have access to patient records, office-specific information (insurance offerings, office policies, etc.), and work closely with providers. Please give them the opportunity to address your concerns and rectify the problem. Contact information for office managers can be located on your office’s location page. To find your office’s location page, visit

 It’s our goal to give you fast, accurate answers to your questions. Please use the information below. You can also reference our FAQ page for more information:

Want to Contact a Provider/Office?

To contact an office or provider regarding communication with your doctor, prescription refills, access to your test results, or managing your appointments, submit a request via our Patient Portal. The Patient Portal is an online program equipped to help you keep in contact with your provider and office outside of normal business hours. In the event of inclement weather, outages, or other emergencies, the Patient Portal is the main tool used by the office to communicate with patients. Click here to login or enroll today. To set up an account, please contact your office and request a PIN number.

 Your Patient Portal information is managed through your provider’s office. If you have a question about your login information or you can’t access your account, call your provider’s office for help:

 For any additional concerns, please contact the office manager at your location. Please follow the instructions listed above regarding how to locate the office manager’s contact information.

Need Help Requesting Medical Records?

TPMG will gladly provide copies of your private health information for referring physicians or other medical professionals who may need them to provide you with care. To request this, please complete a Medical Records Release form and submit it to your TPMG provider via their office or you may contact the TPMG Medical Records Department at (757) 232-8840 to obtain the necessary paperwork. Requests may also be emailed to or faxed to (757) 706-3149 (ATTN – Medical Records). Please allow at least 10 business days to process requests for medical records.

TPMG has partnered with HealthMark Group to ensure the timely completion of medical and billing record requests.

How do I receive my records from HealthMark Group?

Requests may be submitted electronically to HealthMark’s Request Manager at Once logged in, select “Submit Request” from the menu options and enter all required fields to provide authorization directly to HealthMark. Your requests will usually take 2-3 days to process. Once processed, a copy of your electronic records can be automatically downloaded from Request Manager. Records requested to be sent as a hard copy, via USPS, incur postage fees and may take an additional 7 business days to receive. Your medical record request will be processed and a notification will be sent via mail or email once complete and available for download.

Any questions?

– Please log in to Request Manager for status updates or to chat with support. If you have any questions, you may contact HealthMark at (800) 659-4035 or

We reserve the right to charge for copying private health information, as well as for preparing disability forms, insurance applications, and other written documents relating to your diagnosis and treatment. All private health information including x-rays performed at our office remains the property of TPMG.

    Need to Transfer Your Non-TPMG Medical Images to TPMG?

    Use TPMG’s new convenient and secure portal to upload your medical images online.

    TPMG makes it easy to share medical images electronically to PowerShare™, as a service to our patients. Once a PowerShare™ account is set up, patients can:

    • Upload and share non-TPMG image studies with TPMG.
    • Share patient images with doctors and specialists as needed.
    • Upload past exams from personal CDs to patients’ accounts.
      Have a Billing Question?

      Bill payment is due within 30 days of your appointment. For your convenience, you can pay your TPMG bills online, by mail, over the phone, or at one of our locations. Visit to pay your bill or view your billing options.

       Contact your provider if you have billing questions. Locate your office information here:

      If you have additional questions, please contact the TPMG Central Billing Office at (757) 232-8777 or (877) 271-3810 for further assistance.

      Need to Schedule/Cancel Your Appointment?

      You can schedule an appointment with a TPMG provider by calling their office location or by contacting your provider through our Patient Portal. Appointment availability may differ from office to office. To manage your appointments using the Patient Portal, visit:

       If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call your provider’s office or visit: to learn the proceeding steps for canceling or rescheduling an appointment. Please note, some offices charge a “Missed Appointment Fee”, if cancellations are not made within a 24-hour period. This fee is not covered by insurance.

      Do I Need a Mask in the Office?

      Effective Tuesday, March 21, 2023, TPMG will suspend the mask requirement, as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, but with one provision: at the discretion of the managing physician for the site you are visiting, that site may require the patient, any visitors, and staff, to continue to wear a mask that is appropriate for COVID-19 just as we have since the beginning of the pandemic.

      For more information, click here. 

      What is the zero-tolerance policy?

      TPMG understands coming to the doctor’s office is stressful enough. To help keep the experience from being stressful, our offices have adopted a zero-tolerance policy. This policy helps to protect our patients and staff from exposure to any behaviors that may cause discomfort and/or harm during appointments. These behaviors include:

      • Abusive or offensive language
      • Threatening or aggressive behavior
      • Unwanted touching
      • Refusal to follow a staff member’s instructions
      Need Employment or Income Verification?

      Tidewater Physician Multispecialty Group (TPMG) uses Equifax The Work Number for all employment and income verification requests. Please see the information below to complete your request.

      – Website:

      – Company code: 456936

      If you are a verifier, or an employee trying to generate an Employment Data Report (EDR) and have any issues, please contact a representative at (800) 367-2884.

      Want to Contact a Patient Resource Representative?

      At TPMG, we welcome any and all feedback you have for our offices and organization. Our mission is to deliver exceptional medical care to every patient and we believe listening to the concerns of our patients is vital for improving our patient’s overall healthcare experience.

      If you require additional assistance or would like to give feedback regarding an office or provider, please feel free to fill out our Patient Resource Form here. Our Patient Resource Representative will review your feedback and follow up as soon as possible, usually within 1 to 2 business days. All concerns regarding office matters will be relayed back to the office manager, provider, and all other parties involved. Prescription requests must be relayed directly to the office, and not through Patient Resource Representative. Please contact your providers’ office regarding requests for refills, or if you are experiencing issues in retrieving them. 

      Our Patient Resource Representatives operate during normal business hours. Requests made late in the day or during weekends may take more than the standard 1 to 2 business days for follow-up.

      If you have feedback regarding a particular provider experience, please note that all provider inquiries must be submitted in writing, detailing your experience (dates, office location, etc.), and must include the provider’s name. 

      Where Can I Find the Patient FAQs?

      For other questions or concerns, please visit our Patient FAQ’s page

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