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*NOTICE OF DATA BREACH: A company by the name of Credit Control Corporation which provides debt collection services on behalf of other entities, including TPMG, had a data breach. More information can be found at

You may also call (866) 347-3197 for more information. The call center has been set up by Credit Control Corporation and is operational Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm EST (excluding major U.S. holidays).*


If you would like to make a payment online, you may do so by clicking on the “Pay Your Bill” icon that appears on our Homepage.  Your account number is shown on your billing statement and is the information needed in order to make an online payment. To receive a receipt, please “Always Allow” pop-ups on our secure payment page.  If you do not allow pop-ups, you will not be able to print a receipt of your payment for your records.

Payments can also be made by contacting our TPMG Central Billing Office at (757) 232-8777, and a representative will process your payment over the phone.  Additionally, you may mail in your payment, or make a payment at any of our TPMG office locations.  All TPMG offices are available to receive payments for services that were performed at another TPMG office.

Billing statements will show all TPMG offices where services were rendered during that billing cycle consolidated on one statement.

At times, your payment may cross paths with our billing statement in the mail.  This will result in a bill that may have already been paid.  If you feel that this has happened, and you have already made your payment, please contact our billing office and one of our representatives will review your account to confirm that payment has been received and posted to your account.  Our representative will let you know if you should disregard the billing statement.

Additionally, payments made are always applied toward any outstanding balance with TPMG.  If you are making a payment towards your current visit (copay, etc.), and you have an outstanding balance at any TPMG office, the amount paid will be applied towards the older balance.

Questions or requests for itemized statements pertaining to your bill or account should be directed to the TPMG Central Billing Office by calling directly (757) 232-8777 or (877) 271-3810 for assistance.

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