Benefits of Imaging and Breast Centers

By receiving care at TPMG, you will have access to our TPMG Imaging and Breast Center services in Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg, with two Imaging Centers in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Our Imaging and Breast Centers are widely known for their many benefits and advantages, including extended/evening hours, Saturday screening mammograms, and our ACR Accreditation.

Extended and evening hours:

TPMG Imaging and Breast Centers in Newport News and Williamsburg offer extended and evening hours for CT scans and MRI testing.

Saturday screening mammograms:

One of the best ways to detect breast cancer is by scheduling mammograms. Regular mammograms may detect breast cancer up to three years before it can be felt. Screening mammograms are covered by insurance agencies starting at the age of 40.

TPMG Imaging and Breast Centers often hosts Saturday Screening Mammograms events offering:

  • 2D and 3D breast imaging technology
  • Low costs to patients by eliminating facility fees

ACR Accreditation:

TPMG Imaging Centers in Williamsburg and Newport News are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). ACR accreditation ensures the physicians supervising and interpreting your medical imaging meet stringent education and training standards and signifies the equipment is surveyed regularly by qualified medical physicists. These surveys ensures the equipment is functioning properly and the technologists administering the tests are certified. 

Other benefits:

  • Same-day appointments for patients with immediate needs. 
  • Flexible scheduling, including evening appointments. 
  • Courier service for pick-up and return of prior films.
  • Lower cost alternative to inpatient facility charges. 
  • Global billing (one bill) from TPMG for technical and professional services. 
  • Knowledgeable, experienced, and certified radiologists and radiological technologists. 

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