Back on Track with TPMG

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from receiving routine preventative care. Regular health screening can dramatically increase your lifespan by catching harmful illnesses before they cause problems. Early treatment is crucial for a variety of health issues including high blood pressure, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, and more.

TPMG understands the importance of annual health evaluation and testing, which is why we’ve worked to ensure that our patients receive safe and cost-effective care on every visit. We offer in-person and telehealth services, mobile check-ins, same-day imaging, and more to guarantee our patients are safe, comfortable, and healthy.

COVID-19 has made us all wary to come back to the office, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard dangerous symptoms or put off important screening. Get back on track and make an appointment today to see a TPMG provider.

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