Cancer Care



  • Mary Immaculate Pavilion
  • 12720 McManus Blvd.
  • Suite 307
  • Newport News, VA 23602
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  • (757) 234-6974


Office Manager:

  • Heather Zsoldos

Office Hours:

  • Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 1:00pm

Appointment Reminder:

  • We use an automated appointment reminder system that will contact you two business days before your scheduled appointment to confirm the day and time.  If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, or need to reschedule, please contact our office at 757-234-6970.

Office closing on June 2, 2016 ~ Please call office for additional information



Dr. Guy Tillinghast is board certified in oncology and internal medicine, is a member of the American Society for Clinical Oncology and participates in the American Society of Hematology and the American College of Physicians.

Dr. Tillinghast sees cancer of all types, including lymphoma patients, and specializes in breast cancer. He has been practicing in Newport News since 2005.