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Your Midwifery Team:

MaryAnn Cheuvront, CNM, MSN

 Cheryl L. Sharp, WHNP, CNM, DNP  Kregan Brault, CNM, MSN

Lindsey D. Wilson, CNM, DNP


Carly Tyler, CNM, MSN


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What is a Midwife?

There are a few different types of midwives.  Tidewater Midwifery Care is made up of certified nurse-midwifes (CNMs). CNMs are advanced practice nurses who have received at least a master’s degree in Midwifery, passed a national exam and exhibit continued education and proficiency in women’s health.  They are licensed and highly regulated healthcare providers for women.  Our CNMs manage healthy women throughout the prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum periods. While they are experts in normal pregnancies, they also provide well woman care for women from teens through menopause.  This care includes yearly gynecological exams, annual health screenings, family planning, contraception, adolescent health, menopause support and diagnosis and treatment of common gynecological concerns.  While CNMs can practice in a variety of settings, our CNMs see patients in the clinic and attend births at Mary Immaculate Hospital.

What Does Midwifery Care Look Like?

Midwife literally means “with woman”.  That said, midwifery is a woman-centered care model, which provides individually tailored healthcare to each unique woman throughout her lifespan. Our CNMs strongly believe in empowering women to be leaders in their healthcare, and to make sound decisions for their health, pregnancies and families.  Midwives value communication, relationships and shared decision-making with the women they serve, and other healthcare providers. Midwifery views pregnancy, labor and birth not as an illness, but as a normal life process.  In providing education and close monitoring, CNMs believe that most women will have normal healthy pregnancies and births.  We emphasize low interventions in the presence of health, but are able to make rapid referrals, if concerns arise.  We have close collaborative relationships with physicians and healthcare team members.  Our goal is always a good outcome for women and their babies, which means the strengths of various healthcare providers may be utilized in your care.  Please visit www.ourmomentoftruth.com for more information on midwifery!

Choosing a Healthcare Provider

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Strengths and Hallmarks of Midwifery Care

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Normal, Healthy Childbirth for Women and Families:  What You Need to Know

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Services Our Midwives Provide:

  • Adolescent Health
  • Annual Gynecological Exams, Pap Smears and Screenings
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Gynecological Concerns
  • Family Planning and Contraception
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Order Diagnostic Tests
  • Hospital Admission and Discharges
  • Fertility Awareness and Infertility Screenings
  • Education and Prevention
  • Preconception Care
  • Management of Low-Risk Pregnancies and Co-Management of Higher Risk Pregnancies
  • Prenatal Care and Exams
  • Labor Support
  • Vaginal Deliveries
  • Postpartum Care
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Referrals to Physicians and Healthcare Team Members
  • Menopause Support

Education and Resources

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  • Doulas
  • Lactation
  • Mom Groups
  • Safe Birth Groups
  • Labor Pain Management
  • Childbirth Education Classes
  • Fertility Awareness and Hormonal Cycles
  • Menopause
  • Hydrotherapy in Labor
  • Centering Pregnancy
  • Safe Medications List